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Don't Take Our Word For It,

Take Theirs!

  • 01/05/17: I had a great experience with everyone at CFS from management to the draw specialist.  Everyone was very receptive and responsive whenever I had a question.  We even had an instance where we hadn’t submitted a draw for some time and draw specialist was nice enough to contact us to make sure everything was still going well. I had an overall great experience and would definitely work with CFS again. The draw process was by far the easiest part of the process. It's tough to find people in the finance industry who do what they say and who make you feel comfortable about your decision and they accomplished both feats." -- Wilson [homeowner]


  • 12/21/16: I found CFS using "Google search for 'Build Your Own Home Financing' 'Owner Builder Construction Loans'." Also researched "UBuildIt.com, ConstructionLoanPro.com, OwnerBuilderNetwork.com, etc." I chose CFS "mostly because of the flexibility in loan disbursement, CC pmts, friendly prompt service." I truly enjoyed the experience. "It was difficult to understand the loan process and interim loan procedures but CFS was there any time I needed help!" I would recommend CFS because they are the "Best in the Market. Thank you so much for helping make my family's dream come true!!" -- Hockersmith [homeowner]
  • 11/09/16: After doing online research we chose CFS because of their process and they were easy to work with. We had a great and awesome experience with Jeanne and Team. --- A & H Builders, LLC
  • 11/08/16: "Thank you so much for all your help!!! It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to work together again soon." --- Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.
  • 11/08/16: "Thank you all so very much for all of your help and guidance throughout the process!  This has been a very good experience for us and we will definitely be referring our friends!  We are very grateful for the assistance you have provided.  Thanks again and God bless you!" --- Robinson [homeowner]
  • 10/25/16: My deciding factor to use CFS was their "upfront and favorable terms and conditions, and willingness to help." Our overall experience "could not have been any better or gone any smoother. Jeanne Derr and staff were outstanding!" --- Martin [homeowner]
  • 09/20/16: "Thanks so much Jeanne!! You can always be counted on!!! CFS is lucky to have you!!" --- Johnson, Legacy Mutual Mortgage
  • 09/15/16: "We absolutely loved doing business with CFS. The full experience was phenomenal. I am so very excited to have been able to partner with CFS and our home buying process. I would absolutely recommend CFS because of the wonderful customer oriented atmosphere that CFS brings. I am elated with the way things were during our process. YOU GUYS ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!" -- Johnson [homeowner]
  • 08/30/16: "I want to thank you for all that you have done... You will definitely get a glowing review from us. Thank you so much!!" --- Martin [homeowner]
  • 8/24/16: "You have been so helpful and very professional throught out this process. We really appreciate everything you have done for us." --- Guereca-Soto [homeowner]
  • 08/19/16: "Thank you to each and everyone that made this happen for our family! This is literally a dream come true!" --- Roessler [homeowner]
  • 08/18/16: "Thank you so much for your assistance. It has been such a pleasure working with you. Thanks for your professionalism! I hope we can work together in the future." --- Earnest [homeowner]
  • 08/17/16: "... we finally closed on the house and I wanted to thank you for all of your help! We love our new home and you were a huge part in making this happen." --- Ibarra [homeowner]
  • 08/14/16: "I love my home. Thanks for helping me get it." --- Krause [homewoner]
  • 08/10/16: "We are so glad when we talk to someone that has so much knowledge." --- Texas American Title Company
  • 08/09/16: "You all have been great and I appreciate the oustanding work you all did! Much appreciated! I will most definitely keep you guys in mind next time I or anyone else I know buys a home." -- Redd [homeowner]
  • 08/02/16: "Thank you to you and all of the staff at CFS that helped us throughout the process of building our home. Beth and Jennifer were awesome to work with. I appreciate everything. Thanks again." --- Wilson [homeowner]
  • "07/27/16: Your company has been quite efficient. Not always the case in our construction industry." --- RH Construction [builder]
  • 07/13/16: "We appreciate everything you all did for us, we are so excited for this!" --- Segundo [homeowner]
  • 06/25/16: "Our experience with CFS was great! Love Jeanne and Beth. Both were extremely helpful and understanding. This was our first build and you made it very easy." --- Massaro [homeowner]
  • "Thank you all for your help. We are so happy with our new home! Couldn't have done it without any of you." --- Glasscock [homeowner just refinanced]
  • "Jeanne you are one of the hardest workers I know, that is one of many reasons my construction business goes to you!" --- Homewood Mortgage [morgage lender]
  • "Thank you so much for everything! I appreciate everything that you all have done!" --- Benavidez [homeowner]"
  • Thank you all for your work, help and patience throughout the process!" --- Hernandez [homeowner just refinanced]
  • "You're awesome, thanks!" --- Krause [homeowner]
  • "It was a pleasure working with you in this project... you are very professional and easy to work with. Thank you for your help, hope we can do it again on another project" --- Martinez [builder]
  • "Thank you very much! Now is there anything you can do about my ear ache? You're more efficient than my own Dr." --- Bankston [homeowner]
  • "Would like to take this time to Thank You for all your help... Thank you for all your efforts, we are truly Grateful." --- Estrada [homeowner]"
  • I've just gotta say, YOU ROCK!! You are so on top of things. I love it!! I wish all lenders were like you." --- Anderson, Great American Title
  • "Thank you for your patience and professionalism throughout the entire project." --- Liles [homeowner who built his own home]
  • "Thank you again for being so responsive and upbeat through this process. You have a joy to work with!!!" ---- Jennings [homeowner]
  • "Good job getting a lot done in a short period of time. I’m impressed and appreciate it." --- Horn, AmeriFund [lender]
  • "You all are awesome!" -- Ballard, Sales Manager for Design Tech Homes [builder]
  • "Pending any kind of unforeseen craziness this should be my last draw!! In case I don't get another chance, I want to thank you for helping me survive this process!! Your patience and understanding of my ignorance to the world of home building and construction financing has been invaluable and I can't adequately express my gratitude! Although this was a lot of fun it was also stressful for me and you're help and guidance went a long way in helping curb that!!" --- Smith [homeowner who built his own home]
  • "Thank you all very much for all that you have done. This has been a wonderful experience for a couple of 'first-timers!'" --- Adams [homeowners]
  • "You are the best! I had to close a construction deal (with a different lender) and it was so tedious, and I thought how much easier you make it for us!" -- Chicago Title of Texas, LLC [title]
  • "Thanks for all your help you have been great!" --- Chism [homeowner]
  • "Thank you for being a part of making our dreams come true. Our home is looking amazing!" -- Noud [homeowner]
  • "We appreciate all you guys do! ...Thanks for everything!" --- Byrd [homeowner]
  • "That's awesome, thanks everyone for all the help I wouldn't done without everyone!!! Thanks again!" --- Cervantes [homeowner]
  • "...I just wanted to say thanks for the effort and guidance, and literally baby stepping us through the process." --- Krause [homeowner]
  • "Thank you for all that you have done for us... It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff." --- Stolarick [homeowner]
  • "Thanks, you are awesome!!" --- Ibarra [homeowner]
  • "Again, thanks so much for walking us through this. You, Pamela, and Dan are not only teaching us a lot, but you're very patient and friendly, too." --- Krause [homeowner]
  • "Thanks for being so on top of things. You are awesome!" --- Movement Mortgage
  • "Thank you very much! I am very happy working with you and hope we can do more business together." --- Laguna Grande Custom Homes [builder] 


  • "Thank you so much for everything that you have done. We really appreciate all the help and I wanted to let you know that working with you has been the best part of this process." -- Valdez [homeowner]
  • "Hey just letting you know everything went well yesterday especially with your help. Just sending over a big thanks for all of your great help." Martin [homeowner]
  • "That was great. You explained better in one email than anyone else has in weeks and many emails." --- Litaker Realty Inc. [realtor]
  • "Thank you so much. We are so excited to finally be done. You guys have been amazing, Thank you for everything you have done. It is so appreciated." --- Carter [homeowner who built their own home]
  • "Thank you so much for all your help and patience... Thank you for always being so pleasant and easy to work with! I really enjoyed communicating with you!" --- Knoll [homeowner]
  • "Thank you for the explanation! We're all closed and ready for our new journey. I can feel that it will be pleasurable working with you and the CFS staff!" --- Johnson [homeowner]
  • "Thank you! Great information. . .much appreciated. I wish all the advice we have gotten so far had been as good as yours!" --- Pavlik [homeowner]